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Keystone Contracting Group, Inc. is now a Pabco  PreferredPRO certified roof contractor, as well as a Certified Select ShingleMaster Contractor for CertainTeed. Both certifications are the highest levels offered by each manufacturer and allow Keystone Contracting Group, the opportunity to offer our customers upgraded workmanship warranties up to 25-years and shingle warranties up to 50 years. 

An asphalt shingle roof is one of the most popular roofing materials chosen by homeowners. It is an estimated 70 to 80 percent of homes in the United States have asphalt shingles, and are popular because they are affordable and easy to install. 

With Keystone Contracting Group as your premiere roofing contractor, you can rest assured that our team provides the best quality installation for your composition shingles roof replacement. Our team specializes in  HAND NAILING the composition shingles in order to ensure the sturdiest and most resistant installation. This system assures that the nail is installed correctly, for a long-lasting roof, versus using a nail hand gun that could potentially overdrive, under drive, or drive a nail in crooked, possible resulting in premature failure or risk a blow off or loose shingles.

What is Pabco PreferredPRO?

This is a very exclusive Certification offered by Pabco 

and one of the most difficult to obtain in the residential

roofing market.  In fact, there aronly four (4) in the

entire state of TEXAS and 34 in the entire country,

who meet Pabco's high standard of proper installation and

ethical business practices. 

The Pabco PreferredPRO certification is unlike the other composition shingle manufacturers, where the competing manufacturers allow a contractor to obtain their highest contractor status by paying a fee every year or having it given to you by the manufacture rep. This results in several 100 contractors with the same status we are competing against. Pabco actually performs an in depth examination of the business to ensure each contractor who qualifies meets their core business values for Safety, Integrity, Customer Service, Respect, Quality, Financial Success and Community Service. In addition, they physically inspect up to 10 completed roof projects  and scrutinize every aspect of the installation, from shingle and nail placements, projection flashing's, ventilation system used and overall appearance to ensure our roofs meet their mandatory specifications and requirements. In fact, PabcoPreferredPRO Status is the most difficult approval and certification to qualify for in the asphalt composition shingle industry!

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If you feel like your home may need a roof repair or roof replacement,  contact  your trusted contractors at Keystone Contracting Group, Inc. for all your roofing needs; with over 35 years of experience in roofing and contracting, our team is your premiere choice for Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth roof replacements, repairs and maintenance. 
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​​​​​​Types of Shingles 

Shingles are sold in many different sizes, brands and colors. 
There are two primary types of asphalt composition shingles as well: Fiberglass and Impact Resistant asphalt shingles.

Fiberglass shingles, are coated with asphalt but have a woven fiberglass mat core. They are lighter in weight and less expensive. Fiberglass shingles do contain some asphalt, featuring a mat that is made of wet fiberglass held together with a urea-formaldehyde resin. The mat is soaked with asphalt filled with mineral fillers, which makes it waterproof. Fiberglass shingles tend to be the better choice for hot climates, as they have a higher fire rating and hold up better in extreme climates. 

Impact Resistant Asphalt Shingles, a recent addition to the product lines available in the world of roofing, is the impact resistant or IR4 asphalt shingle. These shingles are rated to withstand high winds and heavy hail impacts, as the makeup of of these shingles causes hail stones to bounce off of the shingles, rather than dig in. These shingles may be made of copper, aluminum, resin and plastic. Impact resistant shingles do cost more initially, but they pay for themselves in the long run. They reduce a homeowner's maintenance costs and may even prevent premature roof replacement. 

​In addition, both the standard fiberglass composition shingle and the impact resistant shingle can range from the lower end 3-tab shingle with a 20 to 30 year manufacturer warranty to the typical dimensional shingle found on most homes in the Houston and Dallas market with a Lifetime warranty.  If you are looking for something different, many manufactures have custom or high end compositions shingle, which may be heavier and thicker and have unique designs to meet your desired look and appearance for your home.  Be sure to ask your Keystone Contracting Group representative about these unique and custom shingles.

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How Long Do Composition Shingles Last?

A variety of factors can affect shingle life, including weather, roof pitch, quality of installation and quality of the roof shingle. 

How Do I Know When My Shingles Need To Be Replaced?

A few warning signs to look for to know if you should look into getting your roof replaced are curled or buckled shingles, missing shingles, cracked shingles; lifted shingles, or ceramic granules accumulating in your gutters and downspouts, to name a few. 

We do not recommend inspecting or replacing the roof yourself, as the top of a roof can deem unstable or unsafe and may not be recognizable to amount of damage from the ground.