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Keystone Contracting Group Inc. is also located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, as our team believes this expansion is this best way to spread our service to those who need help with securing their home and roof system. 

Our team has over 35 years of experience in the roofing and contracting industry, and feel it is our duty to provide ultimate service to provide a full-functioning roof all around the Dallas and Houston areas. 

We pride ourselves in being the number one contractor in the Houston and Dallas areas, to provide quality and longevity in, both, a homeowner's roof and relationship.


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6119 Greenville Ave., #548

Dallas, Texas 75206


O: 469-418-5574

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Residential roofing in Dallas
residential roofing in Dallas; roofing in Dallas; premiere residential roofers in Dallas

Regional Sales Manager

Darrell Nece 

Residential asphalt roofing in Dallas

Our Dallas location offers: 

  • Free roof inspection, including a thorough report for repairs and re-roofing, for both residential and commercial. 
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles are used for documentation of roofs before, and after. This in an invaluable method for seeing aspects of homes and businesses, otherwise unnoticed and helps the customer who cannot, or does not wish to get on the roof. Customers can opt out, although we always request permission before flight. 
  • Insurance claim specialists  that can assist you during the entire process. 
  • Commercial  and  residential repairs, as well as full roof roof replacements. 
  • We are a factory approved applicator of all the major roofing manufacturers. 
  • Trained crews perform all the work.
  • Fully insured and bonded. 
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Dallas/Fort Worth​



From the age of 13, Darrell Nece has worked on roofs in every aspect - from inspections to sales, as well as repairs and re-roofing. Darrell has extensive experience in the commercial market, having worked on projects such as the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Smith Towers/ Ben Taub in Houston and the Dallas/ Fort Worth Medical Center.

This history also extends to personally completing more than 500 commercial re-roofs, 1,000 residential re-roofs and over 10,000 repairs, both commercial and residential. 

If you decide to have Darrell inspect your property, over 33 years of hands-on-experience in the roofing industry will be at your service. Because of this extensive history, cost-saving remedies are typically found for problems found difficult to diagnose. 

Darrell thoroughly enjoys working with customers to help them find solutions to their roofing needs. This builds trust and saves the customer precious time and resources. 

Dallas residential roofing jobs

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