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Keystone Contracting Group is no stranger to servicing home and business owners who have experienced sudden, or unexpected roof damage. Especially in the Houston and Dallas areas, extreme climate changes and storm season can really put a strain on the roof and cause serious, or unknown, damages for the homeowner, resulting in the need for emergency roof repairs.

It's important to know the warning signs of what could potentially lead to disastrous damages to one's home or business; even the smallest event or circumstance can lead to greater issues of the roof, or even interior of the home, later on.  

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Emergency roof and shingle repair in Houston; emergency roof repair in Houston; emergency roof service in Houston; professional roof repairs in Houston; storm damage repairs; Houston roofing contractors
Emergency roof repair in Houston; emergency roof services in Houston; emergency roof repair; storm damage repairs in Houston; Houston roofing contractors

The roof acts as your home's first line of defense against the elements, but it's vulnerable to sudden and unexpected damage when severe weather moves through the Houston area. Knowing what to do, and contacting Keystone Contracting Group,  if you're faced with an emergency roof situation can help minimize your stress and any damage to your home and its contents. 

Roofing Emergency

Issues like deterioration due to age and exposure to the elements, clogged gutters, damaged flashing, broken tiles or shingles, or loose fasteners can cause minor leaks during a storm. However, these are fairly easy to control over the short-term by locating where the rain is entering and putting a container underneath to catch dripping water. There are more serious types of damage that can occur during a storm too, such as: 

  • A metal panel or section of shingles gets torn off by high winds and the underlying substrate gets damaged. 
  • A tree limb gets torn off, crashes down onto your rood, and punctures the material and the decking beneath. 
  • Your home takes a direct lightning hit that burns a hole down through the roof. 

In these instances, you have an emergency situation where the roof structure itself is compromised and a significant amount of water can infiltrate your home. 

Good roof maintenance makes you much less likely to require emergency roof repair during bad weather. If you maintain your roof well and have seasonal inspections through our team at Keystone Contracting Group, your home will have a better chance of withstanding stress more successfully. 

Instead of waiting until an emergency happens, contact the professionals at Keystone Contracting Group. Our Houston and Dallas teams are a well-established, licensed and fully insured Houston roofing contractors who will provide you with a FREE roof evaluation to get you started on the right track to a safe and beautiful roof. 

In the case of extreme weather conditions, do not attempt to get up on your roof to check for damage during severe weather. If rain is flooding through a sizable hole in the roof, shut off your main electrical supply switch, set out buckets or larger plastic containers to catch as much water as possible, move furniture and personal items to a dry area, and cover anything that can't be moved with plastic tarps. Finally, contact your local Keystone Contracting Group Representative to assist you throughout the entire insurance claims process.