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Get A Roof Inspection 

​The first tip to prepare your roof for hurricane season is to get a roof inspection from our team at Keystone Contracting Group. While there are a few ways to manually inspect your roof yourself, a qualified contractor has the knowledge and experience to find any weak areas on the roof, and give you a detailed report including life expectancy and estimates for repairs. A detailed roof inspection should include the full report, pictures of your home, and an estimate for any repairs. 

Not all roof inspections have to be done on the outside. Look for issues indoors as well, to pinpoint any issues before they get worse. Check for spots and stains on the ceiling, paint that is peeling, damp stains on wood, rafters or wet attic insulation. When in your attic ensure that you can not see daylight! 

It's important that your home is ready for hurricane season, and a major part of your home is your roof. Hiring a licensed roofing contractor to inspect and maintain your roof is a great way to ensure the integrity of your roof, and subsequently your home. 

June 1, 2018 - November 30, 2018


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Hurricane season is approaching and will run all the way through November 30. 

For many, the roof is an afterthought and tends to receive the least amount of TLC when preparing your home for hurricane season. Only when we notice stains on the ceiling do we wonder if there is a leak, but the roof's integrity could already be deteriorating before even seeing the first water spot on the ceiling. 

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Clean Your Gutters and Drainage System

In the event of a hurricane or major storm, it's imperative that you take the time to clean them out prior to a storm. Clear all leaves and debris from gutters and drainage systems. If there is a storm and a buildup of debris in your gutter, water not flowing freely can back up and intrude your home. Clean out the eaves of your roof of any debris as well to prevent build up. 

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Learn About Roof Tie-Downs

Consider installing roof tie-downs, otherwise known as "hurricane straps" on your roof. Not every roof will need tie-downs but it's a good idea to discuss them with our contracting team. Tie-downs help to brace your roof in very high winds and severe storms such as hurricanes. 

Trim Your Trees 

This tip to prepare your roof for hurricane season is also a good practice for your roof any time of the year. Trees that hang over your roof and near your home can be dangerous in a hurricane. When winds pick up, tree limbs can too. Trees are susceptible to disease and it doesn't take a lot for a diseased limb to snap. If a tree limb falls on your roof it can cause severe damage to your roof and allow water to intrude your home, cause electrical issues, or even hurt someone inside the home where the limb hits. Trees can also cause debris to build up on the roof, especially in the valleys, and so when it gets wet, it stays wet. This can cause the shingles underneath to deteriorate, and worse, the roofing structure to rot.