​8.  Once you receive your loss statement from the insurance company, forward a complete copy to your Keystone CGI project manager. This allows Keystone to analyze the claim, and contact your insurance if items are missing. 

Our team at Keystone Contracting Group, Inc. is there for the home or business owner throughout the entire roofing process, including the roof insurance claims process. We want to be used as a guide for the homeowner, in assisting them with their insurance provider, and getting the customer to receive the insurance assistance they need to repair their roof. ***Deductible Disclaimer Below***

11.  Upon recipe of your insurance check and loss statement, your Keystone Project Manager will sit down with you to go over the Contract Confirmation. (Selecting shingle type, color and any upgrades you may desire.)

​​​15.  The Keystone Contracting Group representative will conduct a final inspection and at the time the outstanding balance is due, less the recoverable depreciation. This means, at the time of completion, you will have paid the 1st check from your insurance, plus your deductible, leaving a balance of the recoverable depreciation.   

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12.  Once the check has been received back from your mortgage company, go ahead and deposit it. Call your Keystone Project Manager and he will meet with you to schedule the build (usually 3-7 days upon receipt of the 1st check as down payment). 

6.  Your Keystone Contracting Group Insurance Claims Specialist will meet the adjuster at your home and go through all the damages they had surveyed during the initial inspection. 

3.  We will call the insurance company with the homeowner to file the claim, get the claim number and schedule the adjuster appointment. Many times the adjuster will call the homeowner to schedule the inspection. 

9.  In many cases, if you have a mortgage on your  home, the first check will  be made to the homeowner and mortgage company. Contact your  mortgage co. and ask for  the insurance department  or the Loss Draft  Department for details on  their process to get the first check endorsed. 

16.  Keystone Contracting Group will submit a notice of completion to your insurance company along with a final invoice to release the remaining funds. 

​Insurance Claim Process

13.  Once the material arrives, the crew will begin removing the old roof and begin the installation of your new roof system. Usually it takes 1-2 days to complete the roof, if applicable, the interior work will follow directly after completion of the new roof system. 

17.  Once you receive your final check, the balance is due, please call your Keystone Contracting Group Project Manager to schedule a time to pick up. 

​​​​2.  Sit down with the homeowner to go over the Keystone Contingency Agreement (no obligation if the claim is denied). 

1.  Have one of the Keystone Contracting Group, Inc.'s Insurance Claims Specialists inspect your roof, interior and exterior for any storm related damages. 

5.  It is very important to call your Keystone Associate and let them know the name, date and time of the inspection. This way a representative from Keystone Contracting Group can be present at the time of the inspection. 

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​​​​14.  Upon completion, the crew will pick up all the debris from the construction site and sweep your yard and driveway with a magnet to remove any hidden nails.  

7.  If the roof is approved for the replacement, the homeowner will receive a check for an estimated fifty percent of the claim, along with a loss statement, breaking down all the items the insurance is covering. 

 Covering Deductibles

 If anyone suggests that you "make money" on the roof installation, this is INSURANCE FRAUD, and you and the other  participant could become involved in a lot of trouble. The insurance companies, due to the heavy losses sustained in the last two  years, are constantly monitoring the claims to protect themselves and their policy holders. 

 "Waiving Deductibles", "Discounting Deductibles", "Sign Allowances";IT'S ALL AGAINST THE LAW!

 (Texas State Law Chapter 35 Insurance Fraud Section 35 02 (2)(B). According to the TDI (Texas Department of Insurance),

 IT IS ILLEGAL, for contractors to cover deductibles. This is considered Class A misdemeanor if the value of the claim is $750  or more, but less than $2,500, and a state jail felony if the value of the claim is $2,500 or  more, but less than $30,000 for both the  homeowner and contractor. 

 A felony of the third degree if the value of the claim is $30,000 or more, but less than $150,000. 

4.  When the adjuster calls, write down his or her name, phone number and the date/time they will arrive. (Provide adjuster with your Keystone CGI Claims Specialists contact information; adjuster will schedule the inspection within 3 - 7 days.  

10.   DO NOT sign the check until it comes back from the mortgage company in case the check gets lost in the mail. Your Keystone Project Manager can assist you in this step.  

Contact your Keystone Contracting Group Insurance Claims Specialists

Houston (281) 302-6738