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Natural Slate Roofing tile is the oldest and longest lasting of all roofing products. Slate is a natural stone and gives any home or building an elegant look while providing the ultimate protection and longevity.  

They are the most expensive steep slope roofing system available due to high cost of making, installing and shipping.  Only qualified crew/craftsmen should install the natural slate.

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Natural Slate roofing material has been used on roofs around the world for centuries, as it comes from natural stone that is formed under intense heat and underground pressure.  Although slate is very hard, manufacturers can split it into pieces to form tiles or shingles. 

Popular slate roofing colors include red, gray, purple and green; when exposed to different weather conditions, it weathers into a beautiful shade. 

​​​Benefits of Slate

Positive aspects that make slate a brilliant choice of roofing material is that slate can withstand any weather condition, and is impervious to mildew, mold and other sources of contamination. Due to slate's high durability, a homeowner does not have to replace or repair the roof for a number of years, as slate can last up to 75 years or more, without requiring much maintenance. (Just be aware of the regional conditions one may live in.) 

Slate roofs also contribute to a healthier environment because it can be recycled after its service life. 

Be aware that slate roofing must always be installed by professionals, like your trusted Houston and Dallas contractors at Keystone Contracting Group, Inc. 


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