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Houston residential roofing; residential roofing services; roofing services in Houston; experienced roofers in Houston; Texas roofing; roof repairs in Houston; Houston roofing contractors
Residential roofing in Houston; Residential roof services in Houston; residential roofing in Houston; premiere roofer in Houston; Texas roofing; roof repairs in Houston; Houston roof contractors


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All while improving the safety and aesthetics of your home, Keystone Contracting Group, a premier residential roofing company is here to give the homeowner their desired roof system, shingles and color they've always wanted to express each individual personality and to add value, and curb appeal.

Our team at Keystone Contracting has had the pleasure of servicing many Houston homes with their home roof replacement needs. We believe in providing a FREE roof inspection  for any homeowner that is concerned, or unsure, about their current shingle condition; offering an honest and no obligation assessment is our way of showing how much we care about you and your home's safety.

Our team understands that even the smallest leak, or damaged shingles here and there, can eventually deem major disaster later for the homeowner and potentially cost more than the initial roof damage repair would have cost. Keystone Contracting Group is with the homeowner every step of the way, from the initial  roof inspection process, to the handshake goodbye when the roof is completed and the homeowner is satisfied with their new roof. 

We take pride in providing our customer with superior service and professional residential roofing repairs in both Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Our team understands that a roof repair, or roof maintenance project, can be stressful on the homeowner. So, we make it as our responsibility to ensure their experience is top priority and all repairs are performed properly; we don't only create long-lasting roofs, we create long-lasting relationships along the way. 







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Want To Know More?​

The image to the left is referencing the basic anatomy of most residential roof styles, with general terms that one can find on the roof. Our team believes it's important to know the anatomy of your roof and why it's important that it's there, or in the proper conditions. 

We encourage our customers, or anyone that wants to stay updated with roofing news and general information, to follow us on our Instagram page and Facebook page; here we present information on residential roofing, commercial roofing, roof knowledge, customer roof jobs, and roof tips and terminology! 

Deciding when it's time to replace your roof or not is a big decision that can affect everyone that lives under it. But, this big decision can help to protect one of your biggest investments in the long run; your home.

Knowing when you need a home roof replacement and acting at the right time is crucial to the safety of your home. Or, it could just be that you're ready for a fresh look after so many years of seeing a consistently aging roof and shingles; this is the chance to start fresh with a new exterior look.  At Keystone Contracting Group, residential roofing is our business and helping homeowners is our passion.