• A roof should be inspected at least twice a year, fall and spring, to keep the roof alive as long as possible and to maintain the warranty. It's understandable that some homeowners don't know what to look for when going through a maintenance routine, so don't fret; our team at Keystone Contracting Group believes in providing homeowners with a  FREE roof evaluation, in order to give notice and peace-of-mind in what should be taken care of and what looks to be in great shape. 

We suggest that the homeowners reach out to us for a roof maintenance inspection once before the season with the most severe weather conditions, and once after. Being a Houston contractor, we know that summer is one of the most severe seasons our roofs and homes can experience. 

Our Roof Maintenance Inspection Includes:

  • Inspecting for missing, damaged or curling shingles and other signs of wear and tear. 
  • Signs of algae or fungus that is starting to grow.
  • Rust in metal areas of the roof.
  • Are the flashings solid? 
  • Cracked mortar or caulking around joints and chimneys. 
  • Condition of plumbing stack flashings

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

  • Maximum Protection - When harsh weather strikes, you need to be confident that your home and family are well protected. Only a healthy roof can provide the kind of protection you need. 
  • Significant Savings - Routine maintenance will always cost less over the long run than repairs for extensive damage cause by negligence. 
  • Energy Efficiency - With proper maintenance, you can prevent holes and leaks on your Houston roofing. As a result, needed energy will have no chance to leak out of your system. 
  • Aesthetics - Your roof represents as much 40 percent of your exterior. When you have a well-maintained roof, you can preserve the beauty of your home for many years. 

If you see any signs of leaking, like dark spots on the ceiling, or mold or dampness in your attic, take action immediately. Roof leaks only get worse, not better; contact your trusted Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth contractor at Keystone Contracting Group to give you peace of mind and the beautiful roof you deserve! 

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Everyday exposure to sun, rain, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof membrane until the service life ends. Every extra year of harsh weather conditions, especially in Houston, is that much more money that can be saved in the long-run. 

A roof needs regular checkups in the form of inspections and prompt repairs, as it has been found that a roof that is not regularly maintained, will only last about half of its expected service life. 

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